Our HomeWatch Service consists of weekly inspections by our fully licensed, bonded & insured specialists.

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GHMS Homewatch Checklist

Gardens Home Management Services
HomeWatch Inspection Check Points

Exterior of Home

  • Walk entire exterior of property

  • Perform visual inspection-report any obvious landscape concerns

  • Report any obvious broken sprinkler heads

  • Perform visual inspection of pool and spa looking for excessive dirt, discoloration, water level

  • Listen for any unusual noise coming from pool equipment and look for any leaks

  • Look for signs of storm damage

  • Look for signs of intrusion

  • Look for signs of pest infestation close to house

  • Report broken windows

  • Report any trees down, weeds in the pavers, mold on driveway and /or patio

  • Report excessive or loud noises coming from A/C units

  • Check mail and bring indoors: bring in any packages, etc., left at door

Interior of Home

  • Check doors and windows – locked? leaks?

  • Check for broken windows or security breaches

  • Is alarm working properly?

  • Check for telephone dial tone

  • Turn off water at toilets (per instruction)

  • Check all shower heads, tubs, and faucets for dripping

  • Look for leaks under all cabinets

  • Check all ceilings for obvious leaks or mildew

  • Look for obvious signs of mildew

  • Check breaker panel for tripped breakers

  • Check humidistat and thermostat settings

  • Test for cool air

  • Check hot water heater for “vacation” setting

  • Look for signs of pest problems

  • Perform Optional services as requested

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