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Gardens Home Management Services
Exterior Home Care
We are experts in keeping your home's exterior in pristine condition.
Exterior Home Maintenance

Harsh climates can present unique requirements for the proper care of the exterior of your home. Let the team at GHMS help keep your home in the pristine condition distinguished homeowners would expect.

Generator Services

A growing number of hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning storms, extreme cold weather, power outages and other natural disasters in recent years have probably put preparedness on your radar screen. Along with an emergency plan and a three-day supply of food and water, you might want to consider adding backup power at your home.

A generator is a great back up plan in case of a power outage. When there is a power outage due to a bad storm, losing power is a major inconvenience. Without a back up generator, losing power can cost you a lot of money. The inconvenience of lost food, mold formation, and working to dry out your house can all be prevented with the installation of a generator.

Other exterior home maintenance services include:

  • Window re-caulking
  • Window Tinting
  • Window Washing
  • Storm shutter installation
  • Gutter and drain maintenance
  • Water Treatment Systems Installation and Service