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Gardens Home Management Services
Gold Card Program
Enjoy the convenience of our full service home care professional team with the Gold Card Program.
Gardens Home Management Service Packages

Our popular Gold Card Program is a wonderful way to pre-arrange necessary services throughout the year.

As you can see from the sample list below, we can tailor your Gold Card Program to meet your timing needs. We will inspect and perform the selected services at the appropriate times throughout the year. If, upon inspection, your home is not in need of attention in a certain area, we estimate a future date and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Sample Gold Card Program Schedule

Service Frequency Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
A/C Filter Change Twice/Year x           x          
A/C Filter Change Twice/Year       x           x    
Annual Flowers Twice/Year         x         x    
Pool Heater Tune-up Annually                 x      
Carbon Filter Rebed Annually                 x      
Carpet/Grout Cleaning Annually                     x  
Exterior House Deweb Quarterly x     x     x     x    
High Cleaning Twice/Year           x           x
Pressure Cleaning Annually                     x  
Ext. Window Washing Annually                   x    
Int. Window Washing Annually                   x    
Lighting Check Twice/Year     x           x      
R/O Filter Service Annually               x        

When you become one of our Home Care Clients* you will have full, priority access to our Handyman, Housekeeping and multitude of other Contractor Services.

* A Home Care Client maintains 2 Recurring Services which include the following: HomeWatch, Emergency Contact, Pest Control, Rodent Control, Pool Service, Landscaping Service, Rust Control or 1 Recurring Service and any 2 Gold Card Services shown above.