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Gardens Home Management Services
Potomac Home Maintenance
Gardens Home Management Services (GHMS) is a leading home maintenance company serving Potomac and surrounding Washington D.C. communities.
Home Management Services for Potomac

GHMS offers home management and handyman services for Potomac and Montgomery community homeowners, including:

Potomac, named for the nearby Potomac River, is located in Montgomery County. Potomac has the distinction of being included in the list of top-educated small towns in America. You won't want to miss Potomac Day, a mid-October, local business and community celebration, including a parade, craft show, and fun for the whole family. Many residents live and work in the Washington DC area, and own second homes in other states.

GHMS is a full-service maintenance and management company dedicated to expertly serving the needs of its homeowners, led by a team with over twenty-six years of experience managing, developing and constructing residential homes.

So relax and enjoy the wonderful city you live in. We'll take care of the rest.