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Plumbing Related Water Damage
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Top 10 Reasons For Plumbing Related Water Damage

  1. Frozen pipe - Loss of heat in the home due to power outage or heating system failure often causes pipes to freeze. It is important to make sure all of your systems are equipped with battery back up systems.
  2. Pipe break - Pipes can break due to the age of the plumbing system, and also because of poor plumbing workmanship.
  3. Water heater malfunction - Water heaters typically fail with age.
  4. Toilet malfunction - Toilets can overflow due to clogging, also the tank can leak or let go.
  5. Washing machine hoses - It is very common for the hoses and related seals to fail.
  6. Ice line connected to a fridge or bar - These connection lines are very sensitive and can be broken or cracked by movement, typically during cleaning.
  7. Sink malfunction - Sinks have a high level of use that increase the strain on all associated pipes and fittings.
  8. Dishwasher malfunction - Many parts of a dishwasher are very sensitive and often fail, even with normal use patterns.
  9. Water filtration malfunction - These systems can be stressed by quality of the water coming into the house.
  10. Faulty construction - This covers everything from sheetrock nails in the pipes, to pipes that are exposed to environmental elements usually found in attic spaces.