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Household Toxins

Did you know that the air inside your house is probably more polluted than the air outside? Though we think of our houses as places of safety and refuge, they may be falling short of this expectation.

Gasses, chemicals, and toxins given off by building materials, cleaning products, molds, and other pollutants may put our health in jeopardy or at best make our homes less comfortable. Some of the primary offenders include asbestos, lead, radon, airborne dust and chemicals, and water pollutants.

Ironically, with today’s high-tech windows, weather-stripping, insulation, and other energy savers, our houses don‘t “breathe” as well as do older, drafty homes. As a result, a residual buildup of indoor air pollutants can occur.

Ventilation can solve many air-pollution issues, but it’s tricky to ventilate rooms without wasting energy. Heat-recovery ventilators can ventilate a house without wasting energy, but they work only in certain situations and are an expensive solution if the problems are minor.

Concentrated radon, a radioactive gas that is emitted by bedrock in many regions, is a serious health concern. If testing has revealed that your home’s radon levels exceed the EPA’s recommended maximum levels, seek mitigation.

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