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10 Ways to Make Your Home a Green Home

Creating a green home is easier than you think

A green home is a healthy home; free of toxins with fresh air and a clean environment for our families. A green home is also an environmentally friendly home with reduced energy use, conscious recycling efforts and sustainable living habits.

  1. Reduce your temperature to your water heater by 10 degrees. By reducing the temp, you can save 3% - 5% in your energy costs.
  2. Reduce your thermostat by 10 degrees. Even for just the 8 hours your family is out at work or school, will save you another 10% on your energy bill.
  3. Get a high-performance shower head. This will use 60% less water and most are designed to produce the same feeling of water pressure.
  4. Clean your lint trap regularly. Doing this simple task can reduce you families energy use by 30%.
  5. Use chemical free, natural cleaners. Baking soda, salt, and vinegar are just a few natural cleaners you can use to clean your home. Most people have these items in their homes already and they are much healthier for your family than the toxic chemicals in traditional home cleaners. Letís just put it this way; if you need to wear rubber gloves so you donít absorb the chemicals into your skin or if there is a warning label that you must use the cleaner in a well ventilated area, itís a good bet that the cleaner is not environmentally friendly, not safe for your family or may cause illness.
  6. Replace major appliances with Energy Star Appliances. This can be a big investment to purchase new appliances for the sake of having a green home but they end up paying for themselves in the long run. They will reduce your energy costs and help the environment.
  7. Install double-pane windows. Also a big investment, but will pay for itself as well.
  8. Remove all carpet. Drastic, I know, Iím not a fan of carpet. Especially when there are renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives that are much healthier and easier to keep clean. Bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood are far better to have in your home than carpet. Carpet collects dust and no matter how great your vacuum is, it doesnít get it all. The air quality in your home will be substantially improved without carpet.
  9. Buy house plants. Plants are natures way of cleaning the air and producing oxygen.
  10. Use Green Energy. More then 50% of U.S. retail customers have the option to choose green energy from their energy provider. Should you choose to do so, youíll be using energy created directly from renewable sources like wind and solar power.