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How to Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Is your lawn mower ready for winter? Read below to find out

By Nov., you are either finishing up with your fall lawn care or you are about near the end of your work. Much depends on leaf foliage in your area — once the final leaves have dropped and you’ve raked, vacuumed or chopped them up, you’re ready to give your lawn one last cutting before it goes dormant for the winter.

Months of inactivity can take its toll on your lawn mower if you simply store it without preparing it for the colder weather. Winterizing your lawn mower can be accomplished within an hour, perhaps two, ensuring that your mower will start up again next spring without any problems.

1. Change the oil. Follow your owner’s manual for oil change intervals. In any case, your final oil change of the season should take place as you are getting ready to store your lawn mower. Drain the oil and refill it with fresh oil that goes no higher than the level designated on the dipstick. Too much oil can damage the engine as can too little of it or dirty oil. Dispose of your old oil through your community’s recycling center.

2. Remove the fuel. If possible, run the lawn mower until all gasoline has been removed. This is necessary if you will be storing your car inside of your home for the winter (i.e, attached garage or basement).

3. Sharpen the blades. If you have a spare set of blades, swap these out for new blades. Then get your old blades sharpened before spring arrives. It always good to have an extra pair on hand and change these throughout the season to ensure that your grass is cut evenly all year long.

4. Replace the spark plug and filters. Chances are your spark plug is spent and ready to be replaced. Instead of waiting for spring, do this now. You can also replace or clean off the air filter and replace the fuel filter if one is present.

5. Store with care. Most lawn mowers can be stored in a shed for the winter and be ready for use again in the spring. If storage room is at a premium, you may be able to leave it outside provided that it is tightly wrapped in a cover such as plastic sheeting. Consider placing it on top of a pallet to keep moisture from intruding.


If your lawn mower has seen better days, consider replacing it right now. Home stores and hardware store safe wage to clear inventory with prices marked down accordingly to move merchandise. Retailers really do not want to store lawn equipment that no one will buy for several months, so shop for one now to get the best deal of the year.

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