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Winter Home Maintenance Outdoors Edition
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Winter Home Maintenance: Outdoors Edition

Find out what maintenance the outside of your house needs this winter season

When itís late into winter, one of the last things on your mind is probably making sure that your yard and homeís exterior are staying in top condition. After all, thereís snow everywhere so how much work could you need to do? Hopefully you prepared your yard for the colder months, but even if you did, there are a few extra maintenance steps that youíll still need to take.


Sometimes it seems pointless to clear all of the snow away from your home. Thereís just going to be more of it eventually so why bother? However, all of that snow and ice buildup is not only a safety hazard to anyone around your home, but it could also lead to unnecessary damage on your driveway or yard.

While the snow itself on your driveway wonít cause any damage, it will be a big hassle to move your cars around. To clear the snow, it is okay to use a plow, so long as you have a cement driveway and the plow blade is high enough above the ground. But a plow will tear up your gravel driveway though so it is better to use your muscles and opt for the shovel.

Additionally, when deicing your driveway, it is best to avoid salts that are high in ammonium, especially if your driveway is new in the last year. The deicer will cause unwanted cracks. For a safer alternative, use a gritty sand that will not cause the ice to melt but will give a better grip for people to walk on.

A little snow on your lawn wonít hurt it, particularly if you prepared by aerating it or germinating it in the fall; but heavy snow fall can cause damage to your precious trees and shrubs. It is important to clear piles of snow off of branches and bushes so that they do not break and cause potential damage to your home in the process.


While it is not necessary to shovel all of the snow off your roof, it is wise to clear icicles from your rain gutters and the side of your home. Fifteen people die each year from icicle related deaths. But aside from this, heavy icicles can cause your rain gutter to break, giving you a giant task for your spring cleaning. You donít want to have any more reason to call in for help from KW roofing in Toronto aside from a regular roof inspection.


Before winter even begins you should have your chimney thoroughly inspected. It needs to be checked for excess creosote and soot, which can easily start a house fire. Additionally, birds and other critters tend to make their homes in chimneys and leave even more debris behind, increasing the risk of fire. Give your chimney an occasional, brief inspection to make sure that the creosote is not piling up again.

Your spring cleaning doesnít have to be a complete nightmare. If you care for your home during the winter just as you would during any other season, you will reap the benefits of a healthy and happy home.

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