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Window Replacement: The How and Why for the Winter Months

Need to replace your window's for winter? Read below to find out!

As the winter months approach, so do the chilly days and nights. Even in ideal climates like San Diego on the West Coast or Miami on the East.

The option to replace windows becomes very enticing when you feel a cold draft coming through your home Ė even with the windows closed. Itís not just the cold Ė itís knowing that youíre losing money on heating. Professional services are available at all times of the year. Theyíre ready to help even when itís snowing outside.


A decision to include window replacement in your home renovation project is a wise choice as usually the benefits of this upgrade outweigh its time and cost investment. The benefits include:

The ability to shut out the cold and subsequently help you save an average of $125 Ė $450 per year from the removal of leaks and drafts, or through an upgrade in energy-saving materials.

The ease of access to open and close the windows when itís an appropriate temperature outside.

Increased security Ė which may be beneficial if you happen to be on vacation during the winter months.

Chances to give a new look to your home (which is a fun project and can improve your resale value, if you choose to list).

However, replacing windows during the winter isnít too common. There are a few things to consider:

The extreme conditions may make it difficult to apply caulk and complete installation.

If hiring, the job could be rushed due to the uncomfortable nature of the job in the cold.

Your selection may not be as expansive due to a lower market demand.

A professional installer, if youíve done your homework, will be able to combat these conditions and deliver great work, regardless. You could take a DIY approach but doing so in the cold may not be on your list, so at this point you may want to hand it to professionals.

With that being said, winter is still a viable time for window replacement because of the many benefits as mentioned in the previous section. The savings that you will gain from acting early will nearly pay for itself throughout the cold times.


If youíre ready to switch out a window than consider the following that will take place during the process:

Consider the Budget

Ask yourself whether itís better to replace a few windows with the best options or do all of them with lower-end products. Figure which of the rooms of your home are the ones you spend the most time in and start with those. If you have extra to do additional windows than fantastic Ė budget it in.

For example: If you do happen to live in an area like Orange County you can expect high heat, from the sun, on certain parts of your house during the day which means these will be the ones that get warm during the winter months. The better choice may be the side thatís getting most of the shade to compensate the difference.

Take Measurements

A proper fit will relieve the stress and hassle of the project. A professional will use measuring tape to find the dimensions of the width by measuring the left and right Ďjambsí. They will follow this process, again, but doing so vertically. Then they take the median measurements from multiple measures.

Browse the Options

Find the right balance between budget and benefits. Do your due diligence to find the best services in your area while comparing it to the costs you find online to ensure you receive a decent quote.

The Switch

The professionals will start by removing the stash from around the window frame. Then they use a flat or crow bar to pry off the liners around the jambs. They will prepare the frame by smoothing the edges or make appropriate cuts/additions if you are installing a different sized window.

Materials used during replacement, such as expanding foam or caulk, will come into play at this time. Followed by an application of these materials to the location and followed. Adding the replacement in, the window is replaced.

You may see an example of this process in this YouTube video about window replacement.


You are now one step closer to an energy-efficient, toasty home.

You may have thought that replacing windows during the winter was out of the question, but the benefits speak for themselves. The savings youíll receive will spill over to the hotter months, so you can rest assured that taking action now was worth the time and money.

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