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Outdoor Water Fountains

Today, people are rediscovering the ancient joys of water features. Whether cascading down a rocky slope, spraying from a decorative wall fountain, bubbling up to a pool surface, or just lying there serenely with the occasional ripple, the presence of water calms and soothes. Also, a pool can house plants and animals that cannot thrive on dry land.

Before you start to plan a specific water project, spend plenty of time dreaming and exploring possibilities—because the possibilities are indeed many. Your water feature may be the focal point of a small, secluded retreat, an oasis from the hectic world out there. Conversely, it can be a splashy center of attention for parties and entertaining. Or perhaps something in between: a happy meeting place for friends and family, an aid to dining, conversing, and relaxing together.

Don’t forget about the living things. If you love to garden but are getting tired of the same old plants, you’ll find that a pond introduces you to a whole new family of plants that love to soak: tropical floating plants, lotuses, duckweed, horsetails, and a big old group of water lilies are only some of the possibilities. And if you like animals, you can choose among many varieties of goldfish, large koi that become family pets, frogs, turtles, and more.

Your water project may be a simple matter of assembling parts and plants in a pot, or it can be several weeks’ worth of work excavating and installing a large flexible-lined pool, complete with several micro-ecosystems. Many medium-sized projects are surprisingly easy because you can buy pools, fountains, pumps, and other components or even complete systems that are designed for easy installation.

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