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Five Major Types of Warm-Season Lawns

There are 5 major types of warm season lawns with a variety of characteristics and attributes. Deciding which lawn is best depends on your preferences and situation.

Consider the following: amount of shade on your lawn, how the lawn will be used (lots of activity, or mostly as a green area that sets off the rest of the landscape), and the height you prefer to mow. Your preference for texture in your grass is another consideration.

The Five major types are Bermuda grass, Centipede grass, St. Augustine grass, Kikuyu grass, and Zoysia grass.

  1. Bermuda grass: hybrid bermuda is fine with good cold tolerance. It does not do well in the shade and can handle activity. Mowing height is low.
  2. Centipede grass: has a medium texture with a fair cold tolerance. Doesn't hold up under extreme usage. Mowing height is medium.
  3. Saint Augustine grass: coarse texture with poor cold tolerance. Doesn't stand up to heavy traffic. Mowing height is high.
  4. Kikuyu grass: is a coarse-textured, light green grass, sometimes mistaken for St. Augustine grass.
  5. Zoysia grass: fine to medium texture with good cold tolerance. Doesn't handle shade too well, is fairly good for usage. Mowing height is medium.