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Five Of The Most Uncomfortable Chairs That You Should Avoid

Five Of The Most Uncomfortable Chairs That You Should Avoid

Most of us donít mind sitting down. In fact, most of us spend a lot of time sitting at work, school, or at home. We all have to sit at some time. However, there is nothing worse than having to sit down in an uncomfortable chair. Of course, some chairs are less comfortable than others. Hereís a list of the top five types of chairs that most people avoid like the plague:

Old Office Chairs

This type of chair is mysteriously shuffled around the office. In most cases, it looks just like all the other chairs, but for some reason no one really wants it. It doesnít raise or lower. One of the wheels might not work, or the cushion just doesnít provide support. Whatever the reason is, this annoying chair migrates and no one knows where it originally came from. This type of chair is never thrown out because it never stays in one place long enough. It just keeps getting passed around like itís part of some strange office game or ritual.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are never comfortable. No matter what design anyone comes up with, these chairs are either too hard or the supports end up digging into your legs or rear. In some cases, the chairs have been known to pinch sitters. Of course, the chairs are convenient and easy to transport, which is why we all continue to put up with the discomfort.

Plastic Lawn Chairs

Plastic lawn chairs are cheap and not as unsightly as those metal folding lawn chairs. Some people even use them for economic indoor dining options. Unfortunately, these chairs cause profuse sweating and they still dig into your rear and legs. Some sitters have even broken them. This is usually caused when a sitter is extremely large, or with multiple sitters. In most cases, this usually happens when a sitter becomes a stander after locking themselves outside and attempting to stand on the chair and enter a window.

Airline Seats

These chairs are rarely comfortable, although there are some exceptions. However, as a general rule, the chairs are cramped and sometimes smell. Additionally, if youíre flying alone, most sitters are usually seated next to incessant talkers and snorers adding insult to discomfort. This makes the chairs even less pleasant than they normally would be.

Movie Theatre Chairs

No matter what position you adopt in these, spending two hours in these chairs is an ordeal. If the person behind you isnít using your chair as a footstool, then the seat is too hard, too low, or too high. If the sitter is short, a shift in movement causes the chair to start to fold and causes tubs of popcorn or boxes of candy to topple and spill.

Uncomfortable chairs are everywhere. In many cases, these chairs arenít avoidable. Most of us would like to avoid them, though. The moment of being released from their clutches is a moment of rapture until the sitter realizes that a leg or foot has inevitably fallen asleep.

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