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How to Turn Your Conservatory into the Perfect Family Space

How to Turn Your Conservatory into the Perfect Family Space

If youíve got a conservatory or even just a conservatory-style extension to your house, you shouldnít let such a beautiful addition to your home go unused for long periods of time outside of the summer months! There are many benefits to having a conservatory, so donít let it go to waste.

Of course, if youíve got very young children, you may want to hold off for a while Ė unless you donít mind spending a substantial amount of time each week cleaning fingerprint smudges off the glass! But if your children are old enough to be responsible, you should definitely take advantage of the space and atmosphere of a conservatory to turn it into a lovely family room.

Hereís how to do itÖ

If this is a room your family are going to be spending a lot of time in, a good storage system is crucial. It doesnít have to be extensive, but there should be enough room for the kids to put their toys away, for books and DVDs and the like to be neatly shelved, and for the space to generally remain free of clutter and mess. If you donít want to put in too many high shelves, there are ways around that Ė get a coffee table with drawers to keep stuff in, or a daybed (to serve as a sofa) with storage space beneath it.


Obviously, breakables are an issue everywhere in the house if youíve got younger children around, but in a conservatory space you should be especially careful. Arrange your layout in such a way so there arenít carpets close to the glass panels Ė that way, you wonít have to worry about your kids tripping on a loose bit of carpet and smacking into the glass.

It may be worth imposing a ban on any kind of toys that could break the glass Ė like footballs or any sort of games that require throwing things. If youíre going to keep potted plants around, get weighted pots so they canít be tipped over, or opt for smaller potted plants that can be placed on higher surfaces.


As a general rule, people tend to opt for wicker furniture in conservatories, to harmonise with the surrounding glass panels and the greenhouse function that conservatories typically serve. Thatís fine, but if you want the space to have a cosier, more family feel, Iíd recommend getting more cushions for sofas and chairs, and perhaps some beanbags that your kids might enjoy lounging on. Of course, beanbags and the like can be easily stored away when not in use, so you donít have to compromise entirely on a more sophisticated look for your conservatory.


Obviously, glass panels are a little more vulnerable than ordinary house walls, so if youíve got a TV or any other kinds of electronic devices in your conservatory, ensure that your securityís enhanced to protect them. Install additional locks on your windows and doors, as well as an alarm system that will alert you immediately as to any break-ins.

More than that, though, your peace of mind may lie in obscuring your valuables from prying eyes. Specifically, installing conservatory blinds that you can draw down overnight, or for extended periods when youíre not at home, prevents potential burglars from being able to look in easily and take their pick. Window dressing is an important feature in any room, but none more so than in a conservatory.

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