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How to Transform Your Backyard into the Perfect Entertaining Space

It is important to have a backyard that allows you to entertain. Read below to find out how to change your backyard so you can

Being a party host allows you full control over the way a party is run. You get to choose the food, the theme, the music, and everything else. However, even if you love throwing parties, it can be tiring to always host them in your home. If youíre not willing to give up being the host with the most, consider giving your backyard a makeover to transform it into a space perfect for entertaining guests.


Any designer will tell you that every space needs a primary focus point. Your focal point will tell people what you want them to notice most about your space. It will also give you a sense of direction when you are decorating the rest of the space.

For a backyard, you have many options for your focal point. It can be something as simple as a grill or fire pit or something complex like an outdoor kitchen, complete with a kitchen island or a relaxing and elaborate water feature. Your focal point should also set the tone for your backyard. Will it be the party zone or a place for meditation? A space for kids to play games or somewhere for the adults to kick back and talk? Make sure that your focal point sets the tone for your backyard and gives it a total theme.


If you want your guests to really enjoy themselves in your backyard, you will need to provide a place for them to sit down and have a good time. Comfortable and functional seating can be hard to accomplish in a backyard. However, this does not mean that you should suppress your creativity.

Depending on the theme of your backyard you may choose different seating options. Sometimes wooden benches will be your best option, but at other times it may be better to have actual chairs. No matter what you choose, make sure that your guests will be comfortable. Arrange your seating out of the way of the elements like wind or intense glares.


No backyard is complete without the appropriate foliage. Depending on your climate, you may have different planting options than other people. Dry climates donít always allow for a lot of lush options, but you can plant trees to provide shade and privacy for your backyard. Other wetter areas give more options in terms of gardens, but it is important to remember to not overwhelm your yard with too many plants.

Additionally, you will need to maintain your garden, lawn, and plants so that they will always look presentable. If you have pets, train them to do their outside business in a designated area of your lawn. This will make the clean-up easier and will keep it out of sight of guests.


If you have a large backyard, the space can be overwhelming. What should you do with all of it? Before you decide to just utilize a small portion of the space, consider splitting it up into different areas. This does not need to be done physically with actual barriers, but can be done visually.

Stone paths and pointing flowers can help you to divide your yard up into distinct sections. You can use one area for seating, another for games, another for meditation, and so on. Even if you have a smaller yard, dividing the space up into visual sections may make it more appealing to you and your guests.


If you plan on having guests over after dark, you will need appropriate lighting for your yard. If the focus of your yard is gaming, your lights should be bright enough to allow people to see what theyíre doing. However, if itís more of a relaxing place use the light from a fire pit or lanterns to give a soft glow in your yard. Remember that lighting sets the ambiance and helps to keep the mood of your party steady and stable.

A plain backyard is like an open canvas, just waiting for you to do with it what you will. Transform your yard from a boring and open space into one that you will be delighted to have guests in. Create an open and inviting space and your home will be the one that everybody loves to party at.

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