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Top Ideas for Toy Storage

Top Ideas for Toy Storage

If you have kids your home probably looks less like a page out of a magazine and more like a page from a toy catalogue. Your kidsí stuff is seemingly everywhere but itís possible to organize all those toys. Here are some ideas for efficiently storing and organizing your kidsí toys and games.

Window Seat with Storage

You donít have to be a carpenter (or hire one) to get the look of a window seat. Just put a freestanding bench with shelves beneath the window; your kids will have a comfy place to sit and a place to stash their toys. The beneath-the-seat cubbies under the seatís cushion are easy to access, and theyíll offer plenty of room to store books, games and stuffed animals.

Nooks and Crannies

When your kids have an overwhelming amount of toys itís important to think about ways that you can maximise storage potential. Use every available inch of space in your kidsí room by hanging shelving in those odd corners. You and your child can use the lower shelves for small toys and books, and the top shelves for decorative items and collectibles.

Corner Cubbies

Whether your childís play room or bedroom is large, small or in between, a free-standing cubby system can give it both style and storage. Baskets made of wire and wicker can neatly contain smaller items like crayons and toy cars, and larger open cubbies can hold plush toys, games and books. Use the top of such a unit as a display area for child-friendly knick knacks and decor.

Storage Bins

Folding storage bins are a colorful way to provide portable, adaptable storage in your childís bedroom or play area. You can color code them for specific types of toys, or apply a label to the front to make it easier for your children to clean up after themselves.

Repurposed Furniture

Breathe new life into an old armoire by reusing it to store your childís toys. Outfit its shelves with canisters and bins for small items, and use magnetic material or corkboard on the doors to display family photos and artwork they bring home from school.

DIY Storage

Always be on the lookout for everyday items that, with a little imagination and creativity, can be turned into a useful and great looking storage solution. With kidsí storage itís easy to make old, boring and seemingly useless items look cool and unique and be great functional pieces that your kids can store their toys in. We love this jar storage decorated with different coloured animals.

Having a cleaner, more organized home can be hard when there are a lot of toys strewn aboutóand most (if not all) parents can agree that they spend too much time picking up after their kids. With the toy storage ideas and solutions in this article, you can make cleanup a breeze, and you can also teach your children a certain amount of independence by showing them how to clean up after themselves.

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