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Top 5 Ways To Style Your Bathroom

Top 5 Ways To Style Your Bathroom

1. Start with a chic shower curtain. Hang a new look, and let it inspire your decorating theme. Modern choices include beautiful fabrics with waterproof linings. Linen and cotton blends are washable, soft to the touch and a great starting point for splashing your favorite color around the room. For romantic souls, a ruffled cotton voile or sweep of floral patterns sets just the right tone. Your new shower curtain sets the stage for a lush bath mat and complimenting towels.

2. Show off with stylish shelves. These space savers are easy to install and break up the monotony of blank bathroom walls. Sleek stainless brackets with glass inserts are chic, modern and easy to clean. Intricate wrought iron supporting marble shelves lends a classic feel to the bathroom. Natural materials, like bamboo and rattan, suggest a casual, tropical theme. Bathroom shelving keeps towels within easy reach and work beautifully with small touches like the perfect fern.

3. Faucets have fashion potential. Itís easy to overlook the obvious, but fixtures can make a dramatic difference in updating the look of a bathroom. Replacing the standard with the stylish is another way to express your inner decorator. Antique brass fixtures with lovely detail add elegance to a traditional decor. Faucets with sleek stainless curves and arches are small works of modern art. New fixtures are also a chance to finally stop that annoying leak.

4. A new vanity adds style and value. Replacing the sink is a permanent change that youíll enjoy for years. A new set of premiere bathroom vanities can offer homeowners dramatically improved looks and feels to their bathrooms: cabinet and sink models; rich wood tones that match perfectly with granite or marble sinks; and high-gloss enamel finishes that pair up with the architectural forms of ultra-modern basins. Feed your imagination by browsing the beautiful possibilities online. A single picture can inspire an entire bathroom makeover.

5. A beautiful tub can turn it all around. Of all the changes you can make in the bathroom, this is the one that makes the most difference. Traditional fiberglass models are still stylish with bright new colors from flamingo pinks to rich, coffee browns with contrasting interiors. Antique replicas of claw-footed tubs are old-fashioned fun, and free-standing abstract shapes fulfill every decoratorís contemporary dreams. A bathtub full of style makes any old bathroom new again. Adding style to your bathroom is as simple as changing curtains, adding a decorative mirror, giving the tub a nice tile accent, or maybe even replacing the baseboard with something more fun. A bathroom has just about unlimited customizable options. All bathroom items come in wide varieties of styles and colors so take your time and find something you love! Your bathroom is a place to refresh and relax. Let your personal spa reflect your personal style. Have fun and make it all your own.