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Storing Your Bulbs
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Storing Your Bulbs

Storing Your Bulbs

Bulbs are good investment and fall is the prime time for planting spring flowering bulbs. If you plant it in bulk then itís your responsibility to store it in a good manner so that they can be used for the next years too. So to preserve them I am here with information on storing your spring and summer bulbs.

Spring Bulbs:

The foliage which dies during the late spring or early summer, at that time the bulb is inactive. So summer is the sleeping period for spring bulbs.

When the foliage dies the roots too die. The bulb will come out of the summer inactivity and the roots will start to grow again and absorb the nutrients and moisture with the rain fall.

As it would be inactive in its spring period then the time is right to dig the bulbs out and spread them out on the bed. If you are choosing to dig it up then they should be stored in a ventilated place and should be planted again in the fall. This should be done every five years to prevent overcrowding. When the size of flower decreases or there is an uneven bloom or uneven size of a plant then you have to lift them up and replant them immediately.

Summer Bulbs:

These are the steps to preserve summer bulbs:

1.If you are having a garden then till up the section which you are not using. The section selected should be such that it is under full sun.

2.When the leaves of the plants turn yellow or they fade away then insert the garden fork into the soil at the edge till you come to the bulb. Here, we insert the fork on the edge because it prevents accident of cutting the bulb.

3.Wash of the soil which are on the bulbs and store them at a moistened layer of peat moss or sawdust at a cool place. If you are planting it again then wash and separate them.

4.Dry them at the shaded place. The temperature range should be 60 to 65 F.

5.Check the bulbs if they are suffering from any kind of disease. If they are undersized or contains any spot just discard them.

6.Now the time comes to know the number of bulbs you are having. If you have less number of bulbs then you can hang it by string on ceiling or wall and if the number is large then store it in trays with screen bottoms.

7.Before storing, separate them with respect to their species because each species need different atmosphere.

8.Always store bulbs in such a way that the air can circulate around them and never store them in the form of stack or pile. Because deep pile or stack result into heat and decay.

9.Try to maintain low humidity in storage area.

As you would be storing bulk flower bulbs, make sure that you clearly label them with the flowers name and color so there would be no confusion when you will replant them in the spring.

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