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Three Quick Tips to Spruce up a Drab Living Room

Summer is right around the corner, but for many home owners, their drab living room is still in the clutches of winter. If you like to entertain, as I do, you want to welcome your guests into a home that is vibrant and full of character. If you donít have money for a custom paint job or new furniture, the following three cost-effective tips can help bring more color and pizzazz to your home

An accent wall. A splash of dramatic color on one wall can revive your living room. Not only is an accent wall an inexpensive addition to your summer renovation plans, it isnít a huge investment of your time. When deciding on which wall to paint, focus on the one that your eyes are first drawn to. This wall may contain a fireplace or interesting architectural design that you want to highlight. Selecting the right color doesnít have to be a laborious process. Warm colors such as red and orange give the room a more immediate feel, while cool colors such as blue and green provide distance. You can also choose a dominant color from your existing d?cor, such as a painting or decorative piece, that you want to accentuate. Keep in mind that you donít have to enliven your feature wall with color. You can use patterns, bold stripes or wallpaper on that one wall.

Throw pillows. Is your old sofa or chaise lounge an eyesore? If youíre like me, you get bored with furnishings that have lost their luster. If you canít afford to replace old furniture right now, spruce it up with throw pillows. Colorful and decorative pillows draw your attention away from a drab sofa and add a little zing to your living room. You can find good quality pillows that wonít break your bank online or at most retail stores.

Decorate with bookshelves. Iím an avid reader, so as you can imagine, my home is filled with the classics and best sellers. Most people tuck their books away in offices, libraries and bedrooms. But a well-placed book shelf in the living room will not only add a sense of intrigue and class, it can also function as a display case. Consider arranging your shelves with a few books that you love, along with several family photographs, candles and vases. To make your bookshelf stand out, paint the inside shelves a few shades darker than the color of the wall that the bookshelf is placed against. This provides an excellent contrast if this is a feature wall. When youíre relaxing on the chaise lounge in your living room, you wonít have far to walk to pick up your favorite read, and youíll have a quick do-it-yourself project that is eye-catching and fun.

As you can see from the above tips, you donít have to spend a lot of time or money to spruce up a boring living room. Stop sitting around gazing at bland walls and dreary furnishings. Set aside one weekend to get the supplies you need to implement these decoration tips, and youíll have a colorful and cozy living room in no time.