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Springtime Home Health Check
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Springtime Home Health Check

Springtime Home Health Check

Depending on where you live, spring is just around the corneróso itís time to start thinking about all those home maintenance chores youíve been putting off. Below, youíll find a list of tasks you should handle in the next few weeks; completing the checklist will ensure that your home is in top shape and ready for those April showers.

This year spring officially begins on March 20th and most people begin their spring cleaning and home spruce-up in the last week of March or the beginning of April. Below are some of the interior areas youíll want to check:

The Basement: Water can get in through exterior cracks and crevices in your homeís foundation. If your basement smells musty, or has dampness or water stains, those are telltale signs of water damage. Walk around the outside of your house, inspecting its foundation for cracks. Repair them yourself, or hire a contractor.

Sump pump: Before rainy season hits, test your sump pump and clean any accumulated debris. If your pump is electrically-powered, itís a good idea to have batteries for backup power.

Range hood: When working properly, your range hood removes cooking fumes from the interior of your home. Most of us donít think about the range hood until thereís a problem; now is the right time to pull the filter and soak it to remove built-up grease and gunk. While youíre doing that, wipe the outside and inside of the hood.

AC Filters: Cleaning wall unit air filters is rather easy: Just remove the filter and spray it clean. For a whole-house system, turn off the unit, then find the service panel and remove the filter. If itís of the reusable variety, clean it; if it isnít, buy a new one and replace it.

Dryer and exhaust vents: Unplug your dryer, disconnect all tubing and clean the accumulated lint from both the vent and the hose.

Surfaces including furniture, walls and ceilings: Remove dust from all surfaces using a dusting cloth. Use a vacuum to collect any hard to reach spots and any dust that settles. In the kitchen, use a solvent free degreaser to remove stubborn grease from walls, worktops and any other affected areas.

Outside Areas to Check:

Inspect any Wood: Termites and other insects can cause severe damage to your homeís structure, so itís important to inspect for them regularly. If you see mud tubes, insect wings and other telltale signs, call a pest control expert right away. Inspect Paint and Siding: Walk around your homeís exterior and fix any damaged siding (or call in a professional). If thereís any peeling paint, remove it and replace it with a fresh coat.

Clean Downspouts and Gutters: Get a sturdy ladder and clean the gutters which run along your homeís roof edges. Theyíre there to catch rain runoff, but they also get all the debris that washes down. Make sure your downspouts are in the right positionóaway from your house!

Inspect and Repair Roof Damage: While youíre up on that ladder, check for buckling, missing or loose roof tiles and replace them if necessary. If youíre unsure of your ability, you should hire a roofing professional for this job.

Home maintenance and repair isnít on most peopleís list of favourite things to do, but a well-maintained home will save you money in future repairs (and will have a greater resale value). By following the above checklist, your home will remain in good repair, and youíll be ready for the changing weather conditions this spring.

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