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Speedy Housing Cleaning Ideas

Speedy Housing Cleaning Ideas

You have just received the most unlikely and surprising phone call: your wifeís boisterous college roommate is in town and would like to swing by with her trophy husband and their three very active children to say hello. Naturally, you could not refuse her request, but with just 15 minutes to get ready, your home is in need of a quick clean up. Short of employing a few obvious delaying tactics, you have to attack the important clean up jobs first.

1. Call for reinforcements. If you are home with the family, get everyone to pitch in to get the house ready for your visitors. Assign vacuuming to your oldest child or spouse, have another child empty bathroom waste paper baskets and assign the straightening of magazines and the loading of the dishwasher to yet another family member. Have everyone pitch in!

2. Clean the toilets. Chances are that one or more of your visitors will need to use the bathroom while at your home. Put on your cleaning gloves, pull out the bathroom cleanser and bring along a rag, sponge or paper towels. Clean the inside of the toilet, the toilet seat and the toiletís exterior. Do the same for the bathroom sink; spot clean the floor as necessary. Wipe down the mirror with a damp paper towel.

3. Run the vacuum. Starting from the front entranceway and through major traffic areas, the vacuum cleaner can be maneuvered and obvious dirt and debris picked up. You do not have time for a major cleaning, but you do have time for a quick vacuum. Resist the urge to take your vacuum into the bedrooms ó you simply do not have the time.

4. Damp mop as needed. Your kitchen floor may look like it needs a major cleaning, but you can do a quick clean up by damp mopping the floor. Do not worry about sweeping first as the mop will pickup loose particles as you mop. Take the mop to your guest bathroom and do the same.

5. Spot dust and clean. If you have a dust mop, run that over surfaces such as the fireplace mantle, book shelf tops and counters. Straighten as you go and store away clutter. Make a mental note of where you have stored items otherwise you may spend hours looking for them after your guests have left.

Thatís Entertainment!

With 15 minutes to spare, you can only do so much to whip your home into shape. This becomes more challenging if you are in the middle of a home renovation project and dust is everywhere. Still, with a concerted effort, you and your family can make your home presentable, enabling you to enjoy your visit without worrying about cobwebs dangling in the darker recesses of your family room.