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How To Create Your Smart Kitchen

Read below to find out how to create your smart kitchen!

One of the biggest trends in interior design at the moment is the ‘smart’ home. Smart homes use the internet to control various devices, making the homeowner’s experience better. This is particularly popular in the kitchen, simply because there are so many ways to increase your productivity in that space. So, how can you achieve a fully automated kitchen?


Getting a ‘smart’ kitchen is a big electrical project, and it gives you the opportunity to learn how to do the wiring yourself. It could save you a lot of expense in the long run as you’ll need to do a lot of rewiring to get your smart kitchen functioning as it should. Rewiring a house is a huge job in itself, and it needs to be done according to Government regulations to ensure it’s safe.

The 17th Edition of the Requirements for Electrical Installations is lengthy and complicated, hence why it requires a qualification. Safety is of up-most importance when rewiring, and even the slightest mistake could put your loved ones’ lives in danger. To make sure you’re fully qualified to do the work, enroll on a 17th Edition training course with a provider like PASS.


Now you can get onto the exciting part: your new kitchen’s ‘smart’ appliances. Imagine if every time you took something out of your fridge, your fridge knew about it. This is a technology that is about to emerge onto the market (although currently it isn’t quite ready yet) and will use your Wi-Fi to recognize when an item of food begins to run low. It does this so that it can order you replacements from your favorite supermarket, meaning that you’ll never have to go food shopping again.


You have to admit that even if you like your kitchen gadgets, the wires can be extremely irritating. Your irritation won’t last forever though, as wireless electricity surfaces have already been produced.

This technology will work to convert an electrical signal into a magnetic frequency which can then be sent wireless to a receiver in a device. This means your work surfaces could be free from wires in no time at all. Even better, electrical charging pads could soon be integrated into your work surfaces meaning that you could charge your phone or laptop while you make dinner.


We can already print out 3D guns, so it shouldn’t be long before we can print out edible foods too. When this happens, it will mean the end of big bulky fridges because we’ll simply be able to print food as and when we need it.

So there you have it, a short guide to creating your very own ‘smart’ kitchen. You might be waiting a few years for some of these ideas to come down.

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