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Five Tips & Techniques for the Senior Green Thumb

Read below to learn five new tips & techniques for the senior green thumb!

Gardening is Americaís top leisure outdoor activity and is enjoyed by by approximately 80 million people. Gardening offers people an escape in the natural world that provides a respite from the battles of life. Unfortunately, many believe they need to give it up as their physical abilities begin to decline. On the contrary, gardening can enrich the life of seniors in numerous ways Ė physically, emotionally and even on a spiritual level.

A senior who goes out in the yard can have a lot of fun. Not only that, he or she can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. While this is a cool way to spend the day, it is wise to follow a few basic ideas. With this in mind, here are five tips and techniques for senior green thumbs.


When going to Western Turf Farms Ltd., or similar store, one can get the top-quality products needed to have a great garden. This is important as it will help a person see their vegetables and fruits grow quickly. Otherwise, when using low-end products, one will have a hard time seeing their plants flourish. Simply put, when getting quality topsoil in Vancouver, one will be on their way to having the perfect setup.


When in the garden, it is important to use well-fitting gloves. With this small investment, a gardener will not hurt his or her hands. This is especially true for seniors who want to avoid painful cuts and bruises.


When outside, many will feel uncomfortable or get sick on a hot day. To avoid this potentially fatal issue, a gardener should bring lots of water outside. To take this further, he or she should also wear a large hat to block the sun.


With a compost pile, a homeowner can enjoy plenty of free mulch for his or her garden. This is great as it is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to improve the garden. To get started, a homeowner should buy a plastic bin or tub; with this, one can place their old banana peels and other items in the bin and allow them to, over time, compost.


It is usually necessary for a green thumb to go out and buy supplies. This is often hard for an older gardener who does not have the strength to lift heavy objects. Sure, itís nice when children can assist with getting their parentís supplies, but this is not always a practical solution. For this reason, a senior should consider getting his or her goods and items delivered. This will help a senior save time and avoid back-breaking labor.


It is wise to avoid using poisons in a garden. Instead, a homeowner should opt for a proactive approach. With a few small fences, one can prevent most animals from wreaking havoc in the garden. This is a cheap and easy way to approach this annoying situation.

A nice garden is not only a great addition to a yard, but it sooths the soul and brings a sense of harmony to those who wish to partake in this leisure activity. For this reason, a senior should consider having one; at the same time, they should follow these five simple tips.

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