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How to Create a Rustic Look in Your Kitchen

Interested in creating a rustic look in your kitchen this winter? Read below to find out how!

When you decorate your home, the choices you make will depend in large part on the general architectural style that your home is built on. If your home is built to a modern, midcentury theme, you can feel like you have no choice but to continue to use the theme in the way you decorate your interiors.

Sometimes, though, you can bring in décor that is incongruent and still make it look good. For instance, it’s a popular trend today to choose a rustic kitchen design in a home that is nothing but modern elsewhere. To have a bit of the country in a part of your home can be a delightful contrast. Here are a few tips on how you can use this idea.


For an authentically rustic look, you need to use not just any lumber that you get at the lumber yard, but something that’s actually local to your area, instead. You may need to do a little research. Whether it’s your kitchen’s hardwood flooring or cabinets, you can read up on the best woods that are actually harvested in your area and ask your carpenter to use them.

If the view out of your window shows a garden, you can try using the same color shades on anything you paint in your kitchen – reds, browns and greens, for instance. The idea is to allow your kitchen to be as close as possible to the world around you



While cherry, oak and pine are all authentic British trees, the knots in pine give it a stronger rustic charm than any other kind of wood. You can actually ask your carpenter to bring you the knottiest pine that he can find. Flooring made of pine hardwood is often a deep brown or orange color and can bring great character to your kitchen. Plne is a good choice for your cabinetry, your countertops and the top of your kitchen island, too.

Whatever wooden constructions you use in your kitchen, you can choose to go with reclaimed wood from old barns and warehouses. These are usually wide planks and bear the scars of a hard life. It’s difficult to get more authentically rustic than to use old wood from an old barn.


A ceiling that is covered in large, rough-hewn, exposed wooden beams is one of the best ways to get rustic in your kitchen. Since it can be either impossible or too expensive to build real loadbearing support beams into your ceiling, you should do what’s next best – get fake support beams. The look of rustic exposed beams is so popular that manufacturers actually sell hollow prefabricated beam-like props. They look like the real thing.


As with everything else rustic, wood is the most authentic material that you can go with. If you can put up with truly rustic furniture, dining tables hewn out of real logs can be a beautiful touch. If not, you get plenty of pseudo-rustic pine furniture. You get these tables at furniture retailers like www.made.com.


For a real rustic feel, your kitchen needs to get plenty of natural light. While skylights can be a practical way to get natural light into your kitchen, they tend to look out of place in a rustic theme. You can consider getting oversized windows, instead.

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