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Roof Repair Healing After The Storm
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Roof Repair - Healing after the Storm

Read below to find out what to do if you need to repair your roof after a storm hits your home

Storms can wreak havoc on your entire house but clearly the roof is going to take the brunt of the damage. After a severe storm, itís important to have your roof checked over thoroughly to ward off any potential problems that can lead to expensive damage to the interior of your house. Remember that the storm doesnít have to be complete with hail or a heavy downpour of rain; wind is enough to cause significant damage.


Start from the ground. Unless youíre a roofing professional, you shouldnít go onto a roof that may be damaged. From the ground, see if there are any missing shingles or missing pieces of the metal fascia. Check thoroughly around the chimney for any gaps or damage between the chimney and roof that can lead to serious leaks. Go into the attic and look for leakage or water damage. Obviously, if any water stains appear on your ceiling or walls, then youíll need to contact an expert to assess what needs to be repaired.


If youíre properly insured, your insurance should cover the costs of roof repair or replacement. The insurance adjuster or company will come out and assess the roof for damages and begin the insurance claim process so your roof can be repaired right away.


Roofing experts can spot things most people canít. Roofing damage isnít always visible to the naked eye and untrained people can miss small things that lead to big problems. Ask the professional, similar to those at Four Seasons Roofing, for the same inspection you asked for from your insurance agent. Also, keep in mind that a roof inspection man not occur for several days or months after the event. Specialists doing roofing in Calgary can assess the impact of the storm by looking at things like the metal materials around your roof for impact damage as well as access weather reports stating the impact of the storm.


Some experts might be able to repair their own roof, but the rest of us will need to get professional help. When you choose your roof repair contractor, ensure they have experience with insurance claims. Donít choose an informal repairman as they donít have any kind of monitoring by organizations to keep them accountable. Ask your contractor about using different materials than the traditional asphalt shingles to better prepare your roof for future storms. Using metal or composition shingles will cost more, but it may save you money in the future because they better resist storm damage.

Donít let your roof forego inspection after a major storm. If winds got higher than 50-60 mph and/or there was significant hail or rain, then itís wise to assess the potential for damage to prevent an expensive issues with the structure or the interior of your home.

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