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Repairs Fixes This Summer
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Repairs and Fixes to Expect This Summer

Read below to find out what repairs and fixes you might have to focus on this summer.

Summer can bring to light some home issues that may have occurred over the winter and just werenít convenient to fix during the colder months. Donít panic! You can easily fix these minor issues by yourself and have your home in tip top shape in no time.


If you live in an area with particularly rainy winters, your basement or crawlspace may have flooded over the season. Now that the weather is warm, this is prime time to dry it out. Letting the area stay moist will attract mold and dry rot so consult a professional on the best ways to dry it out. If your basement floods chronically, nowís a great time to install a sump pump.


Live in an area thatís prone to electrical thunderstorms? Invest wisely in a lightning rod to prevent fires and other electrical damage. The rod will sit at the highest point of your house and run into the ground to conduct the electricity into the ground instead of the building. Consult an electrician to see if this is a good fit for your home.


Winter can be rough on your roof, and thereís no better time to repair things than summertime. If your roof is flat with a parapet, do a thorough check up of the flashing that seals the joints between the parapet and the roof as gapping here will lead to leaks.


Yes, your roof can get algae. If your roof has some black discoloration, chances are itís a ďpervasive and prevalent algae known as Gloecapsa MagmaĒ. No matter how bad the staining, donít use a high pressure wash system to remove it. Instead, make a solution of one cup trisodium phosphate, one gallon of bleach, and five gallons of water. Let it sit for twenty minutes before applying it to your roof (itís better to apply on a cloudy day). Protect any plants beneath you that may be under the run-off.


Usually sprinkler systems need a reset after theyíve been dormant throughout the winter. Systems that arenít calibrated waste water with over-spray, leading to expensive water bills and an under-watered lawn. You can pay for an irrigation audit or if you live in a western community, you can often get one for free from your utility company.


Through the summer months, you are going to spending a lot more time outside. That means that you are going to be bringing a lot more debris inside. Especially in families, you will see that drains with poor plumbing will begin to be backed up by all of the excess dirt and grime falling down the pipes. According to Advanced Plumbing Drains & Heating of Toronto, every drain will be different and requires different techniques to clear out. A sink backed up by grease from grilling frequently will be different from a shower drain plugged by dirt, sand, and hair.

Winter always brings about some sort of benign neglect to your home. This year, donít let the dreary, cold months continue to affect your home once the sun has made its reappearance.

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