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Repairing a Damaged Lawn

Actually, if at all possible, this is the best method, especially if most of your lawn is in pretty good shape. Do whatever you can to avoid reaching the need for either a renovation or reestablishment. Repair is fixing only those areas that need it, and giving the entire lawn a good dose of tender loving care with some fertilizer and weed controls (follow label directions-better yet, hire a pro to put you on a regular fertilization and weed control schedule-that way, it won't get so bad and in time, you'll have a lawn that you won't be embarrassed to have people talking about.

The important thing in repairing a lawn is to match the new, with what you already have in place so it's a nice blend. For example, you live in the north and you have a blend of Kentucky bluegrass (very common) and you've got a few dead spots that didn't green-up this past spring, you'll want to plant more Kentucky bluegrass blend. Don't put in tall turf type fescue because you heard it's really great (which it is). They are two different types of grass that shouldn't be mixed.