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Four Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen without Breaking the Bank

Four Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen without Breaking the Bank

As the old saying goes, "A clean kitchen is the sign of a wasted life." It means that much of our lives are spent in this room, cooking for our families and cleaning up after them. Even though bustling around a hot stove can be hard work, the laughter of loved ones and friends, and the bond that is formed over a good meal, make all of the busywork worth it.

Now I love cooking as much as the next person and my kitchen is always spotless. But even the tidiest of ovens and cabinets and sinks can look a little worn after years of activity. With the fall holidays coming up, itís time to consider sprucing up this room, especially if you plan to host cocktail parties and other gatherings at your home. Itís not always feasible to remodel your kitchen, because an overhaul can put a significant dent in your household budget. Yet, remodeling a kitchen not only brightens that room, it rejuvenates the feel of the home.

As a homeowner, you can implement the following four budget friendly improvement ideas to make your kitchen sparkle.

Update Worn Fixtures

Nothing lasts forever, so donít expect your faucet handles to. Changing the look of these fixtures can add value to your kitchen without tossing your hard-earned money down the drain. Keep your home d?cor in mind when selecting the appropriate items. For example, if your color scheme is earth tones, polished brass faucet handles might compliment your d?cor better than stainless steel. Some popular styles are single handle, single handle with pull down and two handle wall mount. Replacing kitchen outlet covers can also add to the overall improvement effect. This is a fairly straightforward DIY project that any homeowner can tackle.

Painting the Cabinets

Nothing says ho-hum in a kitchen like shabby looking cabinets. You can bring new life to old cabinets by painting them a vibrant color Ė such as butter yellow, sage or red. Even white cabinets can look stylish in a well designed kitchen. Another money-saving option is to replace cabinet hardware. Consider adding new glass or metal knobs or bars to showcase cabinets and enhance the overall style of the room. A clean uniform look makes a statement.

Replace Worn Curtains and Fabrics

If youíre giving your kitchen a makeover, go a step further and add new window treatments. Is your kitchen is big enough to feature a breakfast nook with a table and chairs? If so, it may be time to replace those worn chair covers. A new wall clock or hanging pictures can also spruce up this room. Experiment with new frames and also change up the placement on the walls.

Flooring Options

If youíve had a lot of foot traffic in your kitchen over the years Ė as Iíve had my share Ė make sure your tiles or hardwood flooring are cleaned thoroughly. You can improve the look of the floor by adding tastefully placed rugs. If you have the room, add a smart chair or stool to give your kitchen that warm lived-in look.

These are just a few budget-friendly changes that can help prepare your kitchen for autumn. Some of the aforementioned projects can be done over a weekend and may only cost a few hundred dollars versus thousands of dollars spent in major renovations. A clean kitchen may be the sign of a wasted life, but a remodeled one can breathe new life into this heart of the home.