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Remove Broken Bulb
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How To Remove A Broken Bulb

Before performing any type of work or maintenance on electrical circuits, make sure all power to that circuit is shut off. Never assume that a breaker or fuse is the correct one just because its labeled as such.

Wad up some newspaper and stick it into the broken socket. Make sure you have heavy (preferably leather) gloves and eye protection. Once you have the newspaper wadded up and stuck in the socket, turn the newspaper counterclockwise.

The newspaper will grip the broken glass and give you the leverage you need to unscrew the broken light bulb socket.

Another way is to use a Potato cut in half. Simply stick the potato into the socket and turn counterclockwise.

Finally, you can use your favorite pair of needle nosed pliers if youd like. Simply insert them into the broken socket, and open them up so the back of the pliers contact the inside of the broken bulb. Then simply turn counterclockwise and remove the broken light bulb socket.