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Remodeling Your Kitchen Shoestring Budget
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Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Shoestring Budget

Read below to find out some key tips to remodeling your kitchen on a shoestring budget

For many properties, the kitchen is the heart of the home, a great place to eat, drink and enjoy as a family. Over time, kitchens can quickly become tired and as trends progress many get left behind in the dust. Do you want to remodel your kitchen quickly and affordably? Here we reveal five simple ways you can transform your kitchen on a shoestring budget…


Instead of opting for a full kitchen renovation, why not upgrade your work surfaces? Sprucing up your existing countertops may be difficult to achieve, as most stone or laminate work surfaces cannot be painted. However, there is a series of beautiful and budget friendly work surfaces available to buy.

Many laminate models replicate the look and feel of more expensive work surface materials such as granite, and you may have to do a double take when viewing these in-store. Laminate work surfaces are also particularly hardwearing so provide a great long lasting solution.


Whilst tearing out your existing cabinets may provide a complete transformation for any kitchen space, starting small is a great way to refresh the wider look and feel of your kitchen. There are a number of stunning and high quality door handles available on the market, and you’ll be surprised by just how quickly your kitchen will turn from drab to fab by replacing handles on drawers and cupboards.

Kitchen handles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, each of which can be customised further to complement the new look you are going for. For a coherent finish, plan out the style you are looking to achieve before you go shopping. Brushed nickel handles look great in country style kitchens, whilst homeowners looking for a modern feel could opt for chrome or glass kitchen handles.

As well as hitting the shops, why not visit your local salvage yard? You can pick up a number of hidden gems and find ornate handles perfect for creating that rustic look.


Whilst a full kitchen renovation entails removing the whole unit – doors, fixtures, cupboards, plinths and all – a simple door replacement could just provide the new look kitchen you are looking for. If your budget won’t stretch that far, a lick of paint will go just the trick and provide an efficient and inexpensive upgrade.

As well as painting cabinet doors in a new colour, work to repair damaged doors to promote a shiny, new feel in your kitchen area.


Replacing the flooring in your kitchen area is notoriously expensive, especially if you are looking to upgrade to an engineered wood product. Despite their reputation for being an old-fashioned, retro flooring alternative, vinyl flooring is making a comeback! In fact, there are a variety of high quality and expertly finished vinyl products available.

Vinyl flooring provides a great finish at a fraction of the price of tiles and wooden flooring, leaving you with plenty of money in the budget for more home upgrades.


Lighting plays an integral part in crafting the look and atmosphere of any room in the home, especially the kitchen. Utilising in-cupboard lighting, under cabinet fittings and wall uplighters, you can create a great ambience and illuminate your new look work surfaces and cupboards.

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