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How to Prepare Your Pool for the Season

How to Prepare Your Pool for the Season

With winter still on some peopleís minds, spring gives homeowners the opportunity to catch up on yard projects abandoned before Christmas. Soil may need to be overturned, bushes can be trimmed and debris picked up following a series of winter and spring storms. It isnít too early to think about getting your pool ready for the warmer months. In fact, if you live in a more temperate climate, then you and your family will be frolicking in the water in no time.

Hereís how to prepare your swimming pool for the season:

1. Test the waters. No, you do not need to dip your big toe in the swimming pool to see if the water is cold. It is cold and you are not going to jump in. What you can do is remove your pool cover and add in a spring start-up chemicals to get things going. That means algaecide, stain away, clarifiers, water balancers and pool shock can quickly eradicate bacterial and other agents that pollute the pool in colder months.

2. Turn it on. Most homeowners turn off the pool equipment for the winter, especially in areas of the country where deep freezes are common. You will want to turn your equipment on to determine if it works. Check for leaks, make repairs and if your pump is pushing 20 years old, it may be time for a new one.

3. Perform a safety check. You have done a great job keeping people safe in and around the pool. Now is the time to ensure that the safety features you have in place still work. Check gate latches, lubricating same or tightening as needed. Ensure that related wiring is grounded. Examine your first aid kit; update emergency numbers if these have changed. Review your crisis policy and reinforce your best safety practices with your youngsters.

4. Inspect equipment carefully. The pool may be in excellent shape. How about the related accessories that make it possible to use the pool? These include ladders, slides, hand rails and diving boards. If anything is loose, then fix it. If worn out, plan to replace it. Order your parts early to avoid the season rush of traffic.

5. Clean the deck. With the first swimmers still weeks away from jumping in your pool, you can tackle those projects that were too unpleasant to handle in the winter and what you do not want to tend to in the summer. Thatís right, clean your pool deck. Given that most decks are cement, there are just a few tools that you need: a bucketful of water with a cup of white vinegar added, a stiff broom and your garden hose. Apply the solution across the deck surface and start scrubbing. Once done, hose it down to rinse the solution away and allow surfaces to dry. You now have a clean deck to be proud of!

6. Handle sundry tasks. There are any number of smaller tasks that need to handled before the pool opens. Remove debris from the water. Change underwater light bulbs. Clean or replace the cartridge filter. Replace the drain cover. Paint or clean off your storage shed. Organize same and throw out old parts, chemicals and supplies.

Getting Ready

The weeks leading up to opening day for your swimming pool also allows you to call in an electrician if one is needed, maintain the pump and stay with your cleanups. About a week before you are ready to let others use the pool, use it yourself. That way, you will catch potential problems and resolve open issues, getting these out of the way before the first big splash of the season.

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