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Powerwash Your Driveway
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Power Wash Your Driveway With Confidence

Read below to find out what needs to be done when power washing your driveway

Youíve power washed your deck and home siding, but you may have avoided your driveway and walk ways. Several seasons of rough weather have likely left your pavement looking discolored and dirty. Set aside some time on a Saturday morning and you can have your driveway and walk ways looking clean and like new.

1. Assemble your supplies. Begin to assemble everything needed to clean pavement. An industrial broom is a good place to start and a scrub brush can be useful for removing spots. You will also need a dust pan, cat litter, a garbage can, a water hose, degreaser, and a driveway cleaning solution. Whatever you donít have on hand you can purchase through your home improvement center or hardware store.

2. Prepare your pavement. Remove your cars from the pavement. Park your cars far enough away to avoid accidentally spraying the paint with water or exposing your vehicles to chemicals.

3. Clear the pavement. Use a broom to clear the pavement, removing sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris. Sweep the debris into piles and pick up with a dustpan. Dispose in the trash.

4. Treat stains first. If you have one or more stains present, you can treat each spot by covering them with cat litter. Allow the cat litter to soak up the stains for two to three hours before sweeping the residue into a dustpan. With grease concentrations removed, you can move onto the next step.

5. Apply degreaser. Not all stains will disappear completely, but an application of degreaser can do the trick. Allow the degreaser to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes before scrubbing clean with the scrub brush.

6. Spread the driveway cleaning solution out. Reading the directions, apply the driveway cleaning solution to cover the surface of the driveway. Allow the solution to soak in per the instructions ó typically 10 minutes for most driveways, longer for deeply soiled surfaces.

7. Connect the water hose to the pressure washer. Youíre ready to clean the driveway with the power wash. Fasten tightly and set the washer at 3,000 PSI and begin your work. Start at one end of the driveway and work your way down to the opposite end, applying a steady and overlapping stroke as you go. Thoroughly cover the surface.

8. Review your work. When done and the driveway has dried, review your work. If spots are still present, you may have to apply degreaser again and work on that section. Your driveway may not look perfect, but it will be cleaner than it was before.


Clean your pavement at least once per year. Mid-spring, after all the buds have fallen and the pollen has cleared, can be an ideal time. Regular power washings will help you avoid the tedious and hard work of cleaning persistent stains.

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