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Make Pests a Story of the Past This Christmas

Read below to find out how to get rid of pests this christmas season!

The holiday season fervor has already started and Christmas is just a coulple of weeks away. As you get busy with the hustle bustle of Christmas preparations, you should take care of any unwanted and uninvited visitors such as termites, mosquitoes, rodents, etc. munching on delicious meals that you have so lovingly prepared for your family.


During the holiday season, nearly every house cooks and bakes delicacies to celebrate different joyful events; this is why a large number of pests are attracted to find way into your home. Itís important to beware and keep an eye out for rodents, as they are typically attracted to foods that are left uncovered and are trashed.

The smell of vegetables, sweet fruits Ė any kind of food attracts rats and rodents, especially if itís a few days old i.e. rotten. Therefore, keep your food covered properly and empty your trash can regularly; let it wait outdoors until the garbage collector comes to get it.

Cockroaches, lady bugs and beetles are likely to find way into your home in winters. Especially since Christmas is during peak winter, winter bugs have even more reason to come indoors. These bugs and insects can be found in upholstery, linens, quilts, and mattresses Ė any place that makes them feel warm. Identify corners and cracks that can be a possible entrance point for these bugs. Spray some vinegar and water solution to keep the pests away.


Winter bugs are easy to get rid off with the help of various home remedies. However, the first and foremost thing to keep creepy critters away is to keep your home clean. Make sure to vacuum your carpets, floors, counter t.3ops, rugs, and upholstery thoroughly to get rid of creepy creatures hiding behind any of these things. Leftover bits on the floor, that we sometimes miss out also attract pests, so make sure you have sparkling clean home.

Home remedies such as vinegar and lemon solution work best for shooing away insects. Cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger powder are natural insect repellents. You can also place egg shells on your window sill; this keeps lizards, roaches, bugs and other pests away and out of your home.


Sometimes, home remedies donít really work to get rid of pests; in such a situation the best thing to do is to get hold of a professional pest control service provider. Many affordable pest control services are available in Charleston and Lexington. These companies have experts who can identify the sort of pests that may have inhabited your home. To make sure you enjoy a pest-free Christmas, you should hire a professional and say good bye to these creepy crawly creatures.

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