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Picking The Perfect Flooring When You Have Pets

Read below to find out the perfect flooring when you have pets.

When you have pets, you know exactly what happens to carpet in a home. Now that youíre remodelling, itís time to rip that nasty stuff up and go for something with longevity. You have a lot of choices when it comes to new flooring, but not all of them are cheap or durable.


Youíve heard of tiling before, and itís a wonderful option, but itís not always cheap. Pet owners love this material because it doesnít scratch easily. Your pet can pounce, run, jump, and scratch all he or she wants. If they have an accident, no problem (other than the actual cleaning it up part).

The downside is that these floors are hard and rather cold, so itís not exactly something you would want to lay down on and play or snuggle with Fido. Of course, the way around this problem is to put down an area rug, but that reintroduces the problem of a carpeted surface. Keeping the floor warm is also solvable by installing radiant heat under the tile.

This is something you might want a professional to handle. When you install radiant heat, there are special considerations to laying down other materials on top of the tubing and you donít want to damage anything. Also, tiles can shift if theyíre not installed properly, which can cause a lot of headaches later on.


You might not think of bamboo as a first choice, but itís one of the best options for pet owners. Bamboo flooring is the hardest of hardwoods and it will stand up to traffic better than other flooring options. The material itself simply doesnít wear out. Itís completely renewable, and it makes a good choice if youíre going to be in the home for a long period of time.

Itís stain resistant, so you wonít have worry about your pet having an accident on the floor, and it tends to be cheaper than other hard woods Ė saving you money on the installation.


Believe it or not, cork is an excellent flooring option Ė just look for excellent testimonials like these before you buy it. Itís a ďgreenĒ choice if youíre concerned about that sort of thing, and itís also antimicrobial. So, it naturally reduces the growth of mold and other allergens.

The material is also scratch resistant and provides good sound absorption Ė good for pets with claws or nails that ďclickĒ when they walk.

One downside to this material is that it needs to be swept on a regular basis to prevent scratching from particles of dirt left on the floor. That could end up being a never-ending battle if you have an indoor-outdoor pet.

But, if your pet stays indoors all the time, this shouldnít be much of a concern.

Another downside is that itís a natural material, so any spills should be cleaned up right away. Discolouration of the floor will happen over time if itís exposed to sunlight. So, itís not a good option for sunny rooms. But, itís a great cheap alternative to tile and hardwood flooring.

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