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What to Do and What to Avoid When Painting Exterior Homes

What to Do and What to Avoid When Painting Exterior Homes

The value of a house can be increased when the exterior part is painted. Also, the overall look of the house is improved. When a fresh paint is applied to the outer part of a house, its overall look can be transformed considerably. When looking for someone to paint your house, residents know they have a long list of experts to choose from. However, when painting a house, there are things which you should do and others to avoid.

Important Things to Do

If you are not an expert in exterior painting, itís beneficial hiring a trained and experienced professional. Exterior painting is not only tedious, but also a complicated job. It involved a lot of ladder climbing and to do it well, the painter should be knowledgeable and experienced.

Make sure you select the right paint for the task. For exterior painting, Latex does well because it wonít fade and itís resistant to ultraviolet rays. It is also less likely to crack and peel. You will also discover that water based paints will dry faster and will be easier to clean up with water and soap. There are other varieties that require solvents for cleaning purposes.

Before you start painting, you should check your local weather reports. You should avoid painting on rainy, windy or humid days. Your painting project can be a huge mess-up when you paint when the weather isnít good.

Itís imperative that you have the right tools before you start your exterior painting project. Depending on the kind of a paint which you will use, you will require a high quality brush, rollers, paint sprayers and many more. However, you should just use paint sprayers if you are experienced using them because they can be very hard to use at times. Make sure you have a secure ladder to enable you access elevated areas of the area to be painted.

Things to Avoid

You shouldnít cut corners when preparing to paint on your exteriors. Also, you should consider hiring painting contractors who will ensure all the preparation work is done with the highest levels of diligence. Flowerbeds, decks and many more should be covered to protect them against the paint. Dust the surface to be painted before you start the painting work because if not done, it could ruin your job.

Make sure you use high quality paints. Cheaper paints may not provide you with the best long term results which you would require. Premium paints offer great looking output for a longer period than their cheaper counterparts. You donít have to scrimp on the paint quality which you want to buy.

Itís advisable not coming up with an exterior painting design thatís very different from that of the neighbors. Exotic and wild colors will never be appreciated by your neighbors and itís great that you choose colors that blend well with that of your neighbors.

However, itís good that you remain true to your taste, personality and preference when making a choice. When you start painting, make sure you complete it because a half painted house doesnít look good.

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