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Paint Colors 2014
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Top Paint Colors 2014

Interested in re-painting your house? Find out the colors of 2014

You know that paint color popularity ebbs and flows, right? The avocados and golds of the 1970s are long gone and, mercifully, show no sign of returning. But, that doesn’t mean that other fanciful colors won’t take over including some that might be just as eccentric as those earlier choices.

Paint makers must keep their fingers on the market pulse in a bid to anticipate and gauge consumer interest in a variety of colors. Sherwin-Williams offers up its own yearly paint forecast and for 2014 it has identified four lines of colors it believes will interest you this year: reasoned, diaphanous, curiosity, and intrinsic.


Is gray the new black? Would you rather have logic or good sense? These weighty questions demand an answer and somehow are related to the type of color line that is described as Reason.

There are eight colors Sherwin-Williams identifies here including tricorn black and classic french gray — the usual suspects. But, other shades of gray and even white are included, color choices that may convey a philosophical mood.


Never heard of Diaphanous? You are not alone. Merriam-Webster says that it is “used to describe the cloth that is very thin and light.” What is characterized by delicacy of form and fineness of texture to permit seeing through.

Sherwin-Williams uses the words “light, delicate and translucent” including 10 color choices ranging from beige to west highland white, to sandback, spun sugar and alpaca. Simple, feminine colors that soothe and uplift.


It has been said that “curiosity killed the cat.” I don’t know about you, but there would be no felines in this world if curiosity was fatal. “Strange, unusual and wondrous,” is the way that Sherwin-Williams describes its Curiosity line.

That line represents 10 colors including various browns, blues, greens and reds. Show stopper, relic bronze, blue peacock, sealskin, quixotic plum are among the colors offered — muted, but stately colors with a regal twist at that.


“Belonging naturally, essential” is how Sherwin-Williams describes its Intrinsic line. This line is based on colors derived from cultural traditions including an assortment of bright hues and earthy, even folkloric gradations.

Ablaze and raucous orange are two colors that dominate the Intrinsic range. They match the color schemes prized by tropical people groups including Mayans and Ghanians. Ceremonial gold is a truly royal shade while capri brings remembrance of a long ago trip to the ocean to mind. And houseplant is just that — a deep green with a wholly natural saturation.


Many of the colors that Sherwin-Williams has identified and developed can be used inside or outside. One exception is blue peacock, a color that may look best in your dining room or living area, but not gracing your home’s siding.

And wherever you choose to buy your paint you’ll find that other paint makers have their own take on what is popular. Many new colors have hit the market, just waiting for you to review a handful of color cards.

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