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What Maintenance Does An Outdoor Fountain Need To Get Ready For Spring?

Have an outdoor fountain at your home? Read below to find out what maintenance is needed to get yours ready for spring.

After a long winter season, the bitter cold and snow storms, we all get excited about the upcoming spring weather. Spending time outdoors, is what many of us look forward to; and after having our lawn, pools, and fountains on hiatus for months, we need to properly prepare them again for use in the warm season.

Outdoor fountains are majestic. They bring a bit of paradise to any outdoor home setting. Water flowing through beautiful designs, makes outdoor fountains, one of the most fun, serene, and gorgeous part of any landscape. But fountains require care and maintenance to keep them looking beautiful and running smoothly.

It doesnít matter if youíre in a rural forest area, or enjoying your fountain in the backyard of condo in the city; outdoor fountains can add a lot of style, and the beauty of nature, to any home surroundings. But just like pools and jacuzzis, you must give them the care, cleaning, and maintenance required.

So what type of care and maintenance is required to get your outdoor fountain ready for spring?


The first step to getting your outdoor fountain ready for spring, is to clean it up. Itís time to remove all dirt, leaves, and debris from your fountain. Make certain to clean it thoroughly, by making sure that there are no leaves, twigs, or other organic materials stuck in any of the mechanical parts. Decaying leaves can release poisonous toxins that can danger other plant life, and your animals; so be sure to remove them.


Inspect the water pump; which is the most important part of your fountain. It must be cleaned before spring/summer use. Test your pump; if itís not working, or seems sluggish, cut it off, remove, and check for any clogs or obstructions. Wipe the pump clean with a soft cloth, and flush the pump and the hose lines. Replace filters, if needed.


If you have any plant life in, or around your fountain, they should be cleaned up, and pruned for spring. Remove any dirt and debris from any of the mechanical parts of the fountain; and make sure that no area of your outdoor fountain is clogged before putting it to use.


It is recommended that the water in an outdoor fountain should be changed at least once a week. Combine the fresh water with additives that help to reduce algae growth, and keeps deposits from building up in the water. Changing and cleaning the water on a regular schedule, will maintain your outdoor fountain, and keep it running smoothly for many years.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a rural area, with plenty of forest and wildlife; maintaining a clean outdoor fountain will attract beautiful birds and other wildlife, to your fountain. If you reside in a more metropolitan area, a clean fountain will serve your family, children, and pets, bringing joy and beauty, for many spring and summer seasons.

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