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How To Find the Right Moving Company

How To Find the Right Moving Company

1. Contact locally-based moving companies. Check newspaper ads or search online for moving companies that are in your area. If dealing with an interstate move, make a note of companies that do long-haul moves. Speak with a supervisor and obtain general rate information. Ask for the company’s moving license.

2. Check with friends. If you need recommendations, ask around. Someone you know may have used a certain mover, so ask this person about his experience. A positive recommendation means you should consider this company among the others you may have contacted.

3. Obtain quotes. You may have received general pricing information, now you need to get quotes based on your particular needs. A moving company representative will likely want to meet you in your home, take a look at your furniture and discuss your moving needs. This individual should be able to write up a proposal for your review. Sign no contracts until your decision has been made.

4. Inquire about insurance and guarantees. Ask the moving company representative about insurance coverage, guaranteed delivery time, taxes and other expenses. If something breaks, how will you be compensated and when? If your goods are stolen, are you fully covered or is there a deductible?

5. Check for complaints. Typically, if you want to find out if customers are happy with a mover, you can contact the Better Business Bureau for that information. Also, read independent websites such as Yelp.com to read what people are saying. Ask the company for recommendations too and make calls to confirm whether they were satisfied or not.

6. Visit the FMCSA website. The U.S. Department of Transportation operates the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. That website is useful for looking up a moving company’s registration and licensing information. Check for safety complaints and avoid companies that have been cited multiple times.

7. Make a decision. Once you have completed your research, obtained quotes and have check recommendations, make your moving company decision based on your information. Do not automatically go with the lowest price, rather choose a company that is reliable and reputable.