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Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets
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Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

Read below to find out how you can install a mirrored bathroom cabinet

No bathroom is complete without a mirrored cabinet, what should be placed center on the wall directly above the sink. A bathroom mirror cabinet allows you to retain your personal viewing ability while providing storage possibilities that may not have existed before. Here is how you can install a mirrored bathroom cabinet.

1. Assemble your tools. You will need several tools to handle installation. A Phillips screwdriver, level, a stud finder, a pencil and measuring tape are required. A cordless drill and wood screws are also needed.

2. Remove the current mirror. Take down your current bathroom mirror, locating the clips and screws that hold it in place. Set these aside with the mirror.

3. Prepare your new cabinet. Remove the mirror bathroom cabinet from its box or wrappings. Take out the shelves and set these to the side. Remove the door(s), placing them and the screws in a safe place. Performing this step will make it easier to position your cabinet.

4. Position the mirrored cabinet. Place the mirrored cabinet in the desired position against the wall. Experiment with different heights; ask your spouse for his or her opinion on height placement. Use a level to ensure that the cabinet is precisely horizontally placed, checking from the top and from the bottom of the cabinet to ensure same. Use a pencil to make reference marks, before placing the cabinet to the side. Use measuring tape to verify that the cabinet is centered perfectly if so desired.

5. Use the stud finder. To ensure that the cabinet holds securely in place, use the stud finder to find the wood studs behind the bathroomís dry wall. With the pencil, mark the locations above and below your reference points.

6. Begin drilling. Take your drill and begin drilling holes through the cabinetís back panel. Drill your holes through the reinforced cleat, securing the cabinet to the wall studs using the provided screws. Wall fasteners can be used in places where the studs are not found.

7. Finish up. Once the cabinet is installed, you can reattach the doors and install the cabinet shelves. Fill up the cabinet with your personal effects and enjoy.


Installing a cabinet is a fairly straightforward process that should take no more than an hour to complete. Perhaps your biggest challenge is to ensure that it is seated exactly where you want it to go, something that an extra set of eyes can provide.

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