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Microwave Oven Troubleshooting & Repairs

If your microwave oven doesn't work and the light doesn't go on, first make sure that it is receiving power. Check the receptacle outlet that it is plugged into. If it is a GFCI outlet with a reset button, or if its outlet is connected to other GFCI outlets in the kitchen, try pushing the "Reset" button to reset the GFCI.

If that doesn't do the trick, the problem could be at the electrical panel. A microwave is typically plugged into a receptacle on a dedicated 20-amp circuit (meaning it is the only appliance on that circuit); if your microwave isn't, it may have over-taxed its circuit breaker at the electrical panel. In this case, find the electrical panel and check for a tripped circuit breaker. If you find one, flip it to "Off" then back to "On."

Because microwave leakage can be hazardous and high wattage is present, it is usually a good idea to limit your do-it-yourself microwave repairs to simple tasks such as changing the light bulb (if the light bulb is easily accessible).

If your microwave is arcing or you suspect that it may be leaking, don't mess with it. Because microwave ovens are relatively inexpensive, it's often smartest to just replace a faulty microwave with a new one.