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Make Your Home Remodel Great: Five Design and Accent Ideas

Read below to find out how to make your home remodel great with five design and accent ideas

When you begin planning a home remodeling project, you probably want to find a congenial balance between what is currently trendy and what works best for your family and lifestyle. There are many currently-trending fads that might not work so well for your family within a short time. Thus, it becomes important to think about the present aesthetic and the future function in all your remodeling efforts. Your newly remodeled home can reflect your personal flair for design and your awareness of the most popular design trend. The following five design and accent ideas can assist you in achieving the balance you desire.


The popularity of an open floor plan design for the kitchen, dining and living area has not diminished. Appliance makers have stepped up their designs so that the appliances in the kitchen can blends seamlessly into your living space decor. Itís important to create both a cohesiveness in a large living space as well as a certain amount of individualized spaces.


Rounded design is a dominant theme in many of the newer remodeling projects. Curved islands are an attractive semi-divider between your kitchen and living area. Furniture designs feature round shapes as opposed to the defined lines that have reigned supreme for quite some time. Even the arrangement of the furniture should be circular.


You can continue with the theme of curves with your selection of windows. Custom shaped windows add uniqueness to your home. Curved, arched, oval and octagon shaped windows become an architectural feature for both the interior and exterior of your home. You might be surprised by the number of options available for customized window accents. You can consult the Internet for a great many fun and creative ideas for your windows. Itís an area for accent that many people neglect in their home, but you could really stand out in installing unique ways to see the world outside.


An excellent place to include a uniquely designed window is in the bathroom. The trend is to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Stand alone tubs are popular. Frameless showers with multiple showerheads are another feature of current bathroom designs. Creating a multi-generational home is another new trend to consider when you are planning to remodel a bathroom. Motion sensor faucets, easy access sinks and curbless showers are often part of a multi-generational bathroom design.


A wonderful way to add your personality to any room is with the lighting designs you select. Lighting designs that are as exquisite as a work of art can easily be found in a variety of price options. Eye-catching sculptural designs are trendy right now. Another popular trend is lighting with a brass, silver or gold finish.

With a little creativity, you can combine current design trends with room designs that are conducive to your lifestyle. Adding features such as custom windows or a custom kitchen island can take your remodeling project to a more personalized level. You can provide your family a warm and welcome place to spend their days while also providing your home some added value and flair through carefully combining function and creativity. It can be a tough balance to strike, but with the preceding ideas and careful planning, it can be done.

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