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How to Make the Most Out of Your Space

How to Make the Most Out of Your Space

Space is at a premium in most homes, especially if you only have a humble abode or your living environment is filled with clutter. Making the most out of any available space is therefore of great importance.

There are some basic rules that we can all adhere to. Using mirrors creates reflections and allows light to bounce, giving the impression of a bigger room. Another option is to go vertical and put up shelves to house everyday items or display art. However here are some other handy tips and useful advice for the specific rooms in your house:


Wall fixtures. Ceiling cabinets and open shelves can utilise an empty space as well as provide vital kitchen storage.

Cupboard doors. The inside of a cupboard door can be utilised for extra storage space via use of a hanging rack or tidy. Paint can also be used to either make the door magnetic to accommodate papers or to make a chalkboard for writing handy notes.

Extra storage. Use boxes or caddies in cupboards and fridges to separate food groups and specific meals.

Living Room

Furniture fittings. Several small items will make a room look more cluttered as opposed to a few, carefully considered larger pieces of furniture. Freestanding items also take up a lot of space, so bookshelves and sofas close to the wall will give a roomier environment.

Let there be light. A room with curtains that can be fully opened will turn draw the eyes outward. Additional lamps and lighting can make the area feel more airy and spacious as well.

Eliminate unnecessary furniture. An entertainment unit can be moved to the wall with a flexible arm for the television and shelves for any other devices.


Multitask furniture. Sofa beds can be used in a guest bedroom or home office and serve a double purpose.

Creative storage. Drawers underneath the bed can be used for clothes, thus eliminating the need for additional items of furniture. Decorative baskets or novelty hooks can provide stylish solutions.

Focal point. An attractive piece of art, vintage furniture or a feature wall will take attention away from an otherwise busy bedroom.

Extra Ideas

Embrace colour. Although white walls will open up a room, rich colours and vibrant walls will add lots of character and grab your guests’ attention.

Bespoke furniture. Made to measure furniture may be expensive, but utilising that vital bit of unused space under the stairs or occupying an odd-shaped room with appropriate fittings is worth it in the long run. You can even attempt to buy the materials and do it yourself.

Get organised. Force yourself to sort out any loose items and put your belongings in order. There will be a notable difference to the room’s appearance and character.