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The Finishing Touches: Make Your Living Room Pop

The Finishing Touches: Make Your Living Room Pop

Do you live in your dream house? If you do, then weíre jealous, but most of us donít have that luxury quite yet. Luckily there are short cuts that allow you to flex your creative muscles without breaking the bank. The living room is the heart of the home and a window into whom you are. If your living room could use a face lift or itís lacking the panache you aspire towards, these easy upgrades can help you transform it.

Divide A Multifunction Room

Space isnít always as plentiful as we would like, especially for those living in an apartment or a condo. Bland, tight quarters donít have to be claustrophobic. Youíd be surprised by how many attainable ways there are to break up a room stylishly, giving the impression of multiple rooms. Homedit.com features some slick, chic ways to make your multifunction space as usable as itís inviting.

A Room Divided

Ikea has become a home staple for anyone. Their open bookcases double as perfect room dividers. The Expedit model in particular has helped countless living/dining areas turn into living rooms and dinning rooms. Even if, books arenít your thing, plants, vases, or photo frames are just as easy to fill them with. Curtains also make warm room divides, especially when they feature rich textures and patterns. Hanging a chalkboard or window frame can also be a quirky way to separate space.

Color Me Mine

Color is an enchanting way to help inhabitants differentiate between sections of a room. Painting one wall warm and one neutral also differentiates the style and form of each section of the room. Transparent chairs and tables also give small spaces the illusion of added room and make the color pop.

The Devil is in Details

The decorative details of a home tell visitors who you are. Nothing announces your taste like the personal touches you piece together on your walls, end tables and hearth. You donít have to be a millionaire to let the top-tier taste shine through your decorative work.

Art for Arts Sake

You donít have to spend the afternoon at Sothebyís to do your walls with unique, high-style pieces. Try a fresh look with a deltiography (thatís postcard collecting, and itís vast right now) collage. You only need postcards and frames to cover a wall with an exciting visual spread. Overnightprints.com postcards section is an economical, fun place to start. It offers printing options that let you design your own postcards (25 for as little as $4.15), or you can peruse your local antique store for colorful, vintage prints.

Ambiance Changers

After your art and furniture make their initial impression, itís up to the knick-knacks to do the rest. Painted mason jars with ribbons give a country-inspired flavor while draping a sheer sash over your curtains adds a sense of instant elegance.

Odds and Ends

You donít even have to have art on your walls to make an artistic impression. Realsimple.com features many artistic ideas that donít actually involve art. Bright flowers in a bright vase can lift a roomís spirit almost immediately. If you are huge into reading, a large stack of books can be more than just a to-do list. Try making them into a coffee table.

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