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Landscape Design

Lawns, shrubs, trees, flower beds--these are some of the living elements that make up your home's landscape. Weaving together these elements to create beautiful, cohesive outdoor areas is the goal of landscaping design. And although this is the purvue of professional landscape architects and designers, do-it-yourselfers can arm themselves with the basics, roll-up their sleeves, and create successful landscape plans.

There are several key points to keep in mind when designing your home's landscape. For starters, your landscape should accent the style of your house.

Additionally, it should be functional, provide privacy, keep down maintenance costs, enhance your home's value, and perhaps even improve your home's energy efficiency. In addition, it might draw attention away from unsightly areas of your grounds.

Your plant choices should also be appropriate for the scale of your property, your climate, and your sun and soil conditions. When browsing for plants, make selections that will harmonize together. All these considerations will contribute to the creation of an inviting outdoor environment.

The articles listed below will help you plan a design, choose and install plantings, and care for your landscape. Please also be sure to see the HomeTips Lawn & Garden section.

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