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Going Pro: Kitchens for Aspiring Chefs

Read below to find out ways to make your kitchen suitable for your cooking needs!

More and more people are taking inspiration for their home kitchens from restaurants. Whether you are a professional or aspiring chef yourself, you regularly cook for large numbers of people, or you just love the style of pro kitchens, there are many ways that you can take inspiration from gourmet kitchens to improve your own kitchen.


One of the most important things that you will require for a real gourmet kitchen is lots of space. Cramped kitchens are frustrating for chefs, and instead you will want a large, open-plan kitchen. Create an area for friends and family to sit while you cook, or have enough space so that more than one person can do the cooking.

For ideas about the type of kitchens that are currently in fashion, check out some professional designs from companies, such as the Case Design DC kitchen remodeling service.


You will need lots of room to prepare food in your pro kitchen. The basic rule is that you can never have too much counter space. However, as well as the amount of counter space you have, make sure you choose the right material. Something that is heat proof, scratch proof and stain proof will be the best option to keep maintenance to a minimum in your kitchen.


Clutter is bad news for chefs, so make sure your gourmet kitchen is highly organized. A kitchen that includes various prep areas will help, and you should also make sure you have plenty of storage. You may even want to have a large pantry available.

Open shelves are a great idea for easy access to bowls and dishes. Many pro chefs also require easy access to spices and seasonings, so fix up some pot racks so you can grab them when you need to.


Large sinks that are deep enough to put all your dirty pots and pans are very useful in the pro kitchen. You may also want to include some professional features, such as a powerful sprayer and touch-less faucets. You could even consider fitting two sinks, one for food and the other for dishes.


Appliances in pro kitchens are often larger and come with various extra features. For example, you may want a large fridge and freezer to store everything you could possibly need, and even a couple of ovens so that you never run out of space.


You will want to be able to see exactly what you are doing when you are preparing food in your kitchen, so make sure you have some powerful lighting fitted above your prep areas as well as good quality ceiling lights for overall cover. If you will serve the food in the same kitchen, install some softer lighting in the dining area to show the food off.


If you are a pro chef or simply like to spend time in the kitchen cooking, you can definitely take inspiration from features in professional kitchens. Spacious and organized is the key when you are designing a gourmet kitchen, so keep the above tips in mind and get even more out of your home cooking.

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