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Is Your Home Safe? 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

Read below to find out five simple ways to secure your home

Like most homeowners, the most important things in your household probably arenít things: theyíre family, friends and pets. However, keeping precious possessions safe is also important. Some folks mistakenly assume it costs a good amount of money to protect their home from burglars and other nefarious souls. However, there are actually ways to protect your home, family and belongings in a cost-efficient way.


An often overlooked part of home security is whether or not your appliances and other home machines are in good working order. All it takes is one spark from a hot water heater or furnace to start a fire that will spread quickly. Another overlooked item is dryer vents Ė these get filled with lint and can be a huge fire hazard. Airability heating and cooling services can come clean your dryer vents and help eliminate this risk.


Privacy fences are another concern. These fences are popular with folks who have pools or like to entertain outdoors, but remember their ability to hide things works both ways. If you are still in the planning phases of that new pool or deck, consider how to strategically place them so you donít have to use a solid fence. Some counties insist you fence in a pool, so if you donít have the sans fence option, consider a wrought iron or split rail fence. This will allow neighbors to see whoís paying you a visit when youíre not home.


Thereís no need to advertise your expensive belongings. This includes everything from cars to electronics to jewelry. High end vehicles should be kept in the garage when youíre home, and donít leave tablets, laptops and smartphones where they can be easily seen from the outside. Most people store their expensive jewelry away when they arrive home, but be aware that burglars do follow people home from stores. Think again about wearing diamonds and pearls when all you need to do is pick up a gallon of milk.


The law of attraction broken down basically means like attracts like. Unfortunately, the law doesnít just apply to happiness and hope. It applies to darkness as well. A dark home and yard act as an attraction for thieves and others with less than noble intentions. Thankfully, you donít have to break the bank to install strategic landscape lighting that will illuminate dark spaces without keeping the neighbors up all night.


Ladders kept outside are an invitation to those who want climb in windows to take your new Chromebook and iPad without asking. Secure them in your garage or a shed. Yard tools kept outside are tempting as well. Not only can they be used to smash a window, they are also easily sold for extra cash. A locked shed without windows or with windows too small for entry makes sense. If you are a landscaper or love DIY projects, install good locks and possibly an alarm on your shed, hatchway or any outbuildings you use to store equipment.

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