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Is Hard Water That Bad
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Is Hard Water That Bad?

Read below to find out if hard water is bad

According to a recent study, hard water is found in about 85 percent of homes in the United States. With numbers this high, itís a good bet that youíve had to deal with it at one time or another. Problems with hard water can be costly and annoying. When a household has hard water, their water supply contains an overabundance of minerals; usually, itís calcium and magnesium. The minerals exist as positive ions in the water, and they can cause damage and unwanted side-effects.


The calcium and magnesium in water create the majority of problems in homes. When heated, the minerals solidify; they build up enough to form a thick white crust. Eventually, the crust starts to affect the performance of household appliances.

What Are The Worst Effects Of Hard Water?


When a household has hard water, spray nozzles and shower-heads get clogged up with gunk. The more they get clogged, the less efficient they become; eventually, they can stop working altogether. Bathroom sinks and shower basins build up visible soap scum when you have hard water. If you let it accumulate, it becomes practically impossible to clean.


When a person uses hard water to bathe, a slimy layer of soap scum forms on their skin. When this happens, soap doesnít work effectively; bacteria and dirt tend to stick to the skin when soap canít lather properly.

When you use hard water, your skin stays slightly acidic; this can lead to rashes, eczema and irritation. Hard water is also bad for your hair. When soap scum is left on your hair, it becomes lifeless, greasy and hard to manage.


Clothes that are washed in hard water tend to look old and used. This happens because the mineral laden water combines with dirt to make insoluble salts; these salts are very hard to remove. When your clothes are dirty, it introduces even more minerals into your water. If you want to keep your clothes looking new and fresh, you need to find an Eco-friendly solution for water softening. Doing your laundry with soft water increases its lifetime by about 40 percent.

Hard water isnít bad for you, but it comes with a lot of side-effects; these side-effects are inconvenient and costly. The best way to make sure that your water quality is up to par is to buy a water softener. A one time purchase can save you money and a lot of frustration.

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