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How Give Long Life To Floor
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How To Give A Long Life To Your Floor

Read below to find out how to make your floors have a longer life!

A question would always be prevailing that why the floors get faded within few days of refinishing. The answer is quite simple; proper maintenance and care are required for lasting flooring. Woods are prone to scratch and dent because of its nature, hence below mentioned tips will let you know to protect it with proper care:

Do sweeping and vacuuming regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. A lightweight vacuum is a better option to remove particles at ease.

For a prefinished floor use a dry mop wetted with floor cleaner.

As sand, dirt, detergents and water are harmful to the wood floor, it is better to have rugs at each entrance as well as near the sink, dishwasher and workstations.

The food or oil spillage should be cleaned immediately with a dry or damp towel.

The scratches on the floor are mostly due to the furniture’s hence it is better to have a felt pad at the bottom of each leg of the furniture. NOTE: Periodic replacement of felt pad is necessary if it gets dirty or worn.

Even though your pets are well trained the accident of scratches, wood discoloration and spotty damages are obvious. Hence it is better to trim their nails to minimize the scratches and keep them away to avoid any other accident.

While shifting the furniture inside the house it is better to lift it or move it on a caster.

Damaged high heel shoes also damage the flooring. The debris that get stuck on the shoes and sneakers scratches the finishing, hence it is better to remove it before entering into the hardwood flooring area.

If your flooring is under warranty, never use a floor care products that voids warranty. These products not only affect the finishing but make future refinishing difficult.

The color of hardwood floors gets changed when placed under direct or artificial sunlight.

As hardwood floors are sensitive to moisture, check all water supplies installed in the kitchen to avoid permanent damage to hardwood floors. It is better to use a dehumidifier to maintain the level of humidity because any change in this level will create a shrimp, crack, cup or swell and would also increase the gap between the floors.

Cover the hardwood floor with a rug or runner in the house that has a maximum traffic.

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