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How Does A Thermostat Work
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How Does a Thermostat Work?

Having trouble with your thermostat this winter? Find out whats going on!

In keeping your home cool or warm there is one critical part of your HVAC system that must be running properly to maintain those temperature settings. That is your thermostat. When you set your thermostat you want to set it and forget it. Most times that happens but other times it does not. How does this small unit keep your home comfortable and cozy when the temperatures outside are not?

There are a few things to know about your thermostat and how it works to understand the process. Here are a few ideas about your thermostat and how it works to get you a better understanding of your HVAC system.


Your thermostat measures the temperature in your home and then relays to the HVAC system what to do. If the temperature is higher than what you have it set for, it will cool your home down. If it is lower it will turn on the heat.

There are several types of thermostats. Some use a simple two wire connection while others use thermistors to help measure temperature and keep it comfortable. This little piece of equipment is what tells your system to run or turn off. It regulates your system and may turn on or off around the set temperature. This helps it to keep the system from turning off and on too often.


While all thermostats have basically the same job, some have become digital and programmable. This means at different times you can have different settings depending on what the needs are in the area.

For example, if you want your system to run less when no one is around, you can set the temperature program different while you are at work. It can then turn on before you should arrive to get the house back to the normal temperatures. This helps you to conserve energy and save on your power bill. These are fairly common and can easily be set for whatever program you like. If you want the heat to only run at certain temperatures, you can set it to not run unless it goes below a certain temperature.

These little items can mean the difference in you saving money and wasting money. They run the whole HVAC system and depending on what it tells your system, you could have a problem. When these are not reading the temperature properly it can cause your system to run constantly. Make sure if you start to notice your system running more and more and the home is not comfortable, that you check your thermostat. Sometimes it could be as simple as the thermostat needs to be replaced.

Remember to take care of this little system as it can control your entire HVAC system. It takes care of your system and maintains temperatures that you wish your home or office to be. Try to keep dust off the system and also remember to check it and change it out as needed.

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