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Is Your House Attractive to Thieves?

Is Your House Attractive to Thieves?

A person’s home should be their castle; however, that is sadly not always the case. Anyone who has been burglarized will understand the overwhelming feelings of intrusion, betrayal and violation that linger long after the event. In many cases, these profound emotions are far more difficult to recover from than the loss of personal possessions. Thankfully, most thieves are creatures of habit, so there are a few simple steps that can be taken to ensure a home does not attract the attentions of a criminal.

Create the ‘Impression’ of a Secure Building

The average thief will make very quick judgements on whether or not a property is suitable for burglarizing. Their minds can be changed by creating a visual impression that suggests breaking into the property will be problematic – even if that isn’t true. A home should blend into its surroundings; it shouldn’t stand out from other homes in the neighborhood.

The installation of storm windows will provide a double-paned barrier to intruders, and the mere sight of them may be enough to send burglars on their way. Various signs warning trespassers about vicious dogs and security surveillance may also deter potential thieves from trying to gain access to a property. Of course, the installation of a burglar alarm is always a deterrent, but the system must be highly visible. Some homeowners – aware that incessant alarms are often ignored by neighbors – choose to simply erect empty alarm casings in the hope that their presence is deterrent enough.

Secure the Property with Visible Security Features

As well as alarm systems, the installation of deadbolts, and substantial locks will often deter thieves. Burglars will often spend a little time watching the habits of property-owners, so they may look elsewhere if they see the owner operating a series of sturdy-looking locks upon leaving. Automatic timers that control lighting within the property are a great way of fooling potential thieves into thinking people are home when they aren’t.

Be Careful with Day-to-Day Behaviors

People need to be vigilant when they receive unsolicited phone calls and visits from ‘salespeople’. It is common for thieves to employ this strategy in order to ascertain the times of day people are at home. Homeowners should also be careful when they buy new electrical goods and household appliances. These high-value items should be transferred into the home as discreetly as possible, and they should never be unwrapped in open view; new goods carry a higher reward for burglars. Curtains and blinds should be closed in the evenings, as this is the best time for thieves to scan a property for items of interest.

Sadly, there is no way to make a property completely secure from wrongdoers; however, reducing the risk of attracting a burglar’s attentions will drastically reduce the chances of an attempted robbery. Most thieves are opportunists, and they have a visceral desire to spend as little time in someone else’s property as possible. By making a property look like a difficult challenge, the vast majority of thieves will look for an easier opportunity in which to ply their trade.

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